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Additional information about cookies

Urbioled wants to make your online experience and contact with our websites as pleasant, meaningful and efficient as possible. One way to achieve this is by applying cookies or similar means of storing information about your experience on our sites to your PC. Informing you about the cookies used on our site and their purpose is fundamental to the protection of your data and the accessibility of the site.

Below you will find information both about the cookies used by our websites and the purposes for which they have been implemented. The information is part of a release and does not constitute an agreement, contract or understanding.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device when you visit certain sites. At Urbioled, we may use various techniques which for security reasons will be referred to generically as “cookie modules” or “cookies”.

For what purpose are these cookies used?

Cookies can be used for various purposes, allowing sites to remember your preferences for a certain period of time, improving your browsing experience or to create anonymised statistics about your browsing experience on our sites.

Third party cookies

Urbioled sometimes uses external services, which place their own cookies – these are called third parties. Third parties (outside Urbioled) may also store cookies on your computer during your visit to Urbioled websites, cookies that are indirect, but from a different (non Urbioled) domain than the one you are visiting.

“Do not track” signals

Urbioled treats your privacy and security seriously and strives to prioritize the users of our websites in all departments of our business.

It is good to know that Urbioled does not currently have a technical solution that allows us to respond to browser preferences to “Do Not Track”. At any time you can change the cookie settings in your browser settings to accept all or some cookies. By disabling our cookies in your browser settings, certain sections or features of our websites may not function properly.

Below, you will find more information on how to disable cookies or manage cookie settings for the browser you are using:

You might also find Flash cookies on the Urbioled pages, which can be removed by changing your Flash Player settings. Depending on your browser version and the media player you are using, you can manage Flash cookies with your browser. You can also manage Flash cookies if you visit the Adobe website. Changing Flash cookie settings may affect the features available to you.

Cookies modules that ensure optimal functioning of the site

Cookies are necessary for proper navigation on Urbioled websites and to benefit from its functions, such as accessing protected areas of the site. Without these cookies, the use of shopping carts and electronic payments would not be possible.

Our websites use cookies to:

  • Remember the products you add to your shopping cart each time you browse
  • Remember the information you enter on different pages when you pay or order, so you don’t have to enter all your details each time
  • Transfer information from one page to the next if you want to complete a long survey or need to enter different details for an online order
  • Keep preferences such as language, location, search results to display, etc.
  • Keep settings for optimal video display, such as audio processing time and information about your screen resolution.
  • Read your browser settings to enable optimal display of our website on your screen.
  • Detect misuse of our sites and services, for example by receiving multiple failed attempts to access them
  • To ensure that sites load uniformly to maintain clarity
  • Ensure that your login details are stored so you don’t have to provide them every time
  • Provide the ability to provide feedback on our sites

Cookies that help us evaluate the use of websites

These cookies collect information about how visitors navigate our sites, such as which pages are most visited and whether users receive error messages, so we can ensure that the organisation, navigation and content of the site is as accessible as possible for you. We use cookies to:

  • Count the number of visitors to our web pages
  • To count the time spent by each visitor on our web pages
  • Determine the order in which a visitor accesses different pages on our websites
  • Investigate the sections of our websites that need fixing
  • Streamline our sites

Cookies for displaying advertisements

Our website displays advertisements or video messages for you that may use cookies.

By applying cookies, we can:

  • count the advertisements that have already been shown to you so that they do not recur
  • count the number of visitors to your advertisement
  • record the number of orders placed through the advertisement

Sometimes, even if these types of cookies are not used, you may see ads that do not use cookies. These types of ads may appear depending on the content of the sites.

Cookies modules for conduct content on a web page

We aim to provide visitors to our websites with the most relevant data possible. Therefore, we strive to tailor our sites as much as possible to each visitor and achieve this not only through the content of our sites, but also through the advertisements we offer.

To do this, we strive to gather information about your potential interests based on the Urbioled sites you browse to build a segmented profile. Based on these preferences, we then tailor the content and advertisements on our sites to different types of customer groups.

Third parties that enforce cookies through our sites also count your interests in this way. Data about your current visits to the site may be counted along with information from previous visits to sites other than ours.+

When this type of cookies are not used, you will see advertisements on our websites but they will not be according to your interests.

These cookies make the following possible:

  • logging your visit to sites and therefore examining your preferences.
  • counting clicks on advertisements
  • transmitting data on your access behaviour to other sites
  • accessing third party services to display advertisements to you
  • presenting more interesting advertising messages based on the evolution of your social media usage.

Cookies for sharing the content of our websites via social media

Publications, images and video messages you view on our websites can be shared and rated on social media thanks to buttons. Social media will use cookies to allow you to use these buttons, to have the option to share an article or video.

These cookies allow you to do the following:

  • the distribution and evaluation of certain content directly from our sites by logged in users from certain social media

Certain social media platforms may record your personal information for their own purposes. Urbioled has no authority over how these platforms use your personal data. If you would like further information about the cookies imposed by the various social media platforms, you can read the privacy statement(s) issued by these social media. Below you will find a list of privacy statements belonging to the social media platforms agreed by Urbioled:


This Cookie Notice is subject to change at any time as both our sites and cookie rules change. We reserve the right to change the content of the Cookie Notice and the cookies listed at any time without prior notice. Any other Cookie Notice will become effective on the date we notify you, and if you do not agree with the modified notice, you should revise your preferences or discontinue accessing the Urbioled sites. If you continue to access or use our services after these changes take effect, you agree to comply with the amended Cookie Notice. At any time you can check this website for the latest version.

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