KAMSENS – Control System

The Kamsens multifunctional system collects information from the environment, processes and analyzes data on weather or traffic conditions and sends it to the NEOS remote management platform. From there, alerts are sent to adjust the lighting to the specific conditions.

Through Kamsens multifunctional sensor, the luminaires are able to adjust the colour temperature from neutral-natural white to yellowish-white in order to significantly reduce the lack of visibility in heavy fog for road traffic and to change the lighting level according to the traffic.

This setting can be done automatically or manually and provides an undeniable benefit to road users and thus to the community as a whole by supporting safety and optimal road conditions.

Technical details

The integrated sensors are interfaced with the NEOS remote management platform to provide complete control, monitoring and efficiency for the lighting operating schedule based on the presence of vehicular and pedestrian traffic or weather conditions, automatically according to preset schedules or manually as needed.

Light intensity and colour are programmed to change automatically to enhance visibility.