Management. Monitoring. Efficiency.

In the digital age, smart village and smart city are core concepts that increasingly define the communities we live in.

The innovation and development possible in the digital age are reflected in all aspects of life and so we are constantly developing new ways of tackling the problems of overcrowding, energy consumption and resource management.

NEOS is the leading expert that is contributing to the implementation of smart solutions through a unique mix of software and hardware. The NEOS smart product ecosystem is designed for beneficiaries who want to lower costs through intelligent control and monitoring of managed services.

A new world is developing.

European cities will become smart cities with new ways of tackling problems like overcrowding, energy consumption, and resource management. In this context, Urbio, through NEOS, actively participates in creating solutions to reduce energy consumption and protect the environment.

The offered solutions help communities develop conscientiously, in an environmentally friendly way, by controlling and monitoring electric charging stations, parking spaces, road traffic or air quality.

NEOS Lighting

Through its components (hardware and software), NEOS luminaire remote management has the ability to control, monitor, measure and manage the operation in optimal parameter values of the public lighting network and each luminaire in the network, with significant reductions in electricity consumption and therefore costs.

NEOS is scalable and adaptable to any community, regardless of size and geographic location, and is able to operate autonomously regardless of any communication network connection.

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