Case Study: Tel Aviv Smart City – Transport and Parking

Tel-O-Fun bike rental service

Tel-O-Fun, a municipal bike sharing system allows cyclists to ride from place to place quickly and whenever they want. With stations located throughout the city, including residential areas, riders can grab a bike and ride anywhere. The service is available to both Tel Aviv-Yafo residents and visitors and tourists.

Auto-Tel Car Share

Auto-Tel, a car-sharing service for short city trips. It is cost effective, widely accessible, easy to use and environmentally friendly. In addition, designated parking spaces scattered throughout the city save time and make parking a minor problem.

Auto-Tel is just one of the municipality’s many efforts to promote innovative and alternative transport solutions in a city that encourages residents and visitors to choose public transport over their own cars, to reduce congestion and air pollution and make life more accessible to everyone.

Auto-Tel subscribers can pick up a vehicle at a given time from one city and return it to another. Auto-Tel cars can be parked in a designated Auto-Tel parking space or in any other legal parking space. The cost of the service consists of a monthly subscription fee plus a charge per minute of travel, and subscribers do not have to worry about paying for maintenance, fuel or insurance.

Transport monitor pilot

The municipality has partnered with MOBI to install sensors, cameras and Bluetooth devices throughout the city to monitor the number of vehicles entering, understand how much time is lost in traffic and provide decision makers with an up-to-date snapshot of transport.

Partnership with Waze

As part of this partnership, the municipality receives traffic reports and in turn updates Waze about street closures in the city so that Waze users have access to the most up-to-date information and can organize accordingly. The municipality uses information received from Waze to optimize traffic lights and obtain real-time snapshots of traffic in the city, all with the aim of promoting cooperation and better understanding of transportation.

Night lines – A solution for the wee hours

Night lines are public transport lines that run from residential areas to entertainment centers and back late at night, making them safe for young people and reducing the risk of drink driving.