Research and Innovation Department – URBIO TEQ

URBIO‘s unique professional solutions have been developed through the Research and Innovation Department – URBIO TEQ, a UNIQUE department conceived within the URBIO group with the vision to carry out applied research, innovation and technological development activities at software and hardware level with applicability in the Smart City field and with the aim to develop and integrate significant Smart City solutions.

URBIO TEQ was part of a three-year process of research based on systemic methodology that underpins URBIO‘s advanced solutions. This process is a firm guarantee for the complex results we deliver.

Systemic methodology. Experts. Results.

Full control

Thanks to the unique digital system developed with openness to artificial intelligence, activity and results are predictable and controllable.

Urbio TEQ

Research and development department integrating a unique systemic research methodology on which constant development is based.

Integrated services

From zero to end result, every project is supported by a unique, advanced infrastructure that is constantly evolving.

Multidisciplinary team

Our specialists are up to international performance standards and together form a complete multidisciplinary team.

Urbio TEQ is always evolving.
Join our team!

Urbio integrates an organizational culture for success and supports each team member to develop and reach their full potential. Urbio professionals have multidisciplinary training and are up to the highest international standards of the moment. Micro-cultures of coaching, sharing and feedback support us to act balanced towards result and performance.

A new world is developing. We are honoured to contribute.